Saturday, March 19, 2011

2012 Chevrolet Orlando : My thoughts

2012 Chevrolet Orlando is not released yet ( when i write this post ). But i was looking it as a potential buy as my wife gets her license.

The other ones i look at that time mostly will be C max hybrid. Others of interest are Mazda 5, Kia Rhondo.

Most things seems Orlando is good but couple of concerns ( love if they have them )

1)Sliding doors - This is one of the best stuff in minivans. Imagine kid in one hand, another kid or a pop corn in another , Do you like to hold the door or you look for a sliding door. Same in a thin parking lot.

2) Removable seats/Configurable seats : This is another big concern and a need. When you need to get some soil from home depot, first thing is to move out the seats , put some cover and use the minivan. Same case when i am doing my occasional home projects, getting logs, getting cement, tools etc etc. So we need to remove the seats, and put them back once the duty is done

Again this gives freedom to configure as a 5 seat when i have a dog in with family, or carry some some stuff.

3) Hybrid engine : Yes , Gas prices are going north. So always economic is great. Its nice to have economic hybrid -say like Voltec CS mode or HSD ( i wont say eAssist because it doesn't have good city numbers and combined numbers .I look for more real world). Ford C max targeting 41 mpg , it should be better /equal to this number.

4) Limited 4x4 - for places where snow is a factor or black ice is a factor, the vehicle requires a 4x4.

Let be it more a mini van than an SUV.

Am i worried its using cruze platform ?? - never , worried on 15 inch wheels ?? never , i would love it because curze platform because its a proven one, 15 inch wheels because its low riding because i don't intend to use it a full time off roader or so. Its a soft roader MPV which helps me to get things happening in home and quality family time people hauler.

Else I think C max is option to look :-) may be they will be putting the Hybrid Cmax in 2012 as 2013 model. Ford C-MAX Hybrid are targeted to birth better fuel saving than the 41 mpg Ford nuclear fusion Hybrid .

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