Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New year !!

Just 4 posts in an year, Need some change ...

So for 2014, i dont have solid plans or targets  but for sure we should be able to improve .This time we are looking for building fundamentals.

Lookback on 2013 :

2013 , in a personal level didn't count any achievements, It was a lazy year in case of outputs. May be i should call it as a foundation year after couple of years. Spend a good amount of time with family and was good.

Good thing : Papaji and Mamiji got immigration and Joined us in Canada. Thanks to the CIC for a 6 year+ long immigration process.

Bad thing : I was the cause of broken bone for my younger kid left hand. But yes  she is now good and bones got joined. 

For 2014 ( in general ) :

Reduce waste time  , Reduce time spend in the facebook ( this is one of my resolutions ).
Socialize better in real world than virtual world ( more of a phone call than a like on facebook )

Increase productive time
Caring health a little more ( shedding some pounds )

Wishing a wonderful 2014 :-)

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