Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gods own county - Terrorists rules

Kerala local news : Local people ( more criminals ) are getting recruited and trained for becoming terrorists in Kashmir. The news got importance when 2 of them got killed in an attack.

The Local police, Govt and Political parties started working ( yes, Political parties just try to blame each other )

The next is only my view and only my view and i am not expecting somebody to read but i am expressing my opinion using freedom for expression of opinion.

This time when i was in India,I had a talk to most friends on the bomb blasts etc.

One of the Opinions i herd : There is a feeling in Muslim community that they are targeted globally and this feeling get oil when they go as group and it get worse and results in attacks.

Another one : They should understand they live in India and work for India. They are killing innocents.

Another one : There are 3 truths : my truth, your truth and the truth.

and goes on.

My View :

I think politicians in Kerala did helped these organizations to grow just thinking of vote banks because they get Muslim votes as bulk.For them this is wake up call to work for nation and think above Vote banks.

I think a minority in Muslims may be doing all the bad things. Let me ask, what kind of reputation was there for normal swamis when Santhosh Madhavan case was going ? a lot asrams were attacked. Did they killed people ? or took the sufferings ?

Do u think this wont happen with Muslims now ? and if they react same violence, its going to be loss for Muslims more because the belief of normal people get more strength.

I know Muslims of India are of Indian orgin and they are even given more reservations than normal Hindus. Think of what happens in middle east and how non-Muslims are treated there. In India i am sure no Muslim get the same treatment like treatment of a non Muslim in a Muslim country.

I believe This is time for INDIAN MUSLIMS or i call them HINDU MUSLIMS ( where Hindu is that ahimsa culture ) tell or protest publicly against the minority who creates this problems.

They should share the same feelings of the mother who said " WE DON'T WANT THE DEAD BODY OF THE SON WHO WORKED AGAINST THE NATION "

NB: I feel Biharis and Mumbains also should share the same above feeling and the govt should declare Raj Thackeray (who tries to create split in Indians and make his party or presence - old divide and rule policy )as terrorist as the same standards they do against all the terrorists.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

GM Volt and Next killing time of Electric car

I am big fan of GM VOLT. I love it than Prius or other ones. Reason : Its all electric ( new generation begins here )

Now every body want to say they are in EV business. But back to numbers :

Gas price back to $2 Gallon, GM almost near bankrupt - Do you think they will try to sell the Hybrids and the same old mantras ? or really they deliver Volt ?

Another : Do volt going to be another North American car - yes i mean on Quality which suffer very heavily with the Asian ones. Built Quality, Durability ...

I know a lot who already had American cars and now they don't want to be part of this bandwagon. They all shifted to the other side. Now its GM duty to get those back and it cant be done saying we have quality.

Lets see how volt can bring them back ) I hear 2008 Malibu is lot better than old still they are miles away from Prius and Civics. Lest see How GM will close this gap.I am sure its not only price point

GM VOLT : http://gm-volt.com/
: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Volt
: http://www.gm.ca/gm/english/corporate/green-by-design/vehicles/electric

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Why Impressive india and why not ?

Lot questions on why impressive in India


Mobile rates (phones and call rates )
It was very easy to get a connection - just 2 IDs and connection is mine ( total spending $10 with around $8 call time, free incoming and outgoing ( including on roaming at 4 cents per minute ) ??

Impressive ? In Canada, I got a fat bill (airtime charges ) from Koodo when i am back and used it for calling a toll free number.

Living standard ( special kudos to IT guys ) - IT people having US pay and Indian expenses - wow Royal Life !!.

Cars - The cars standards were impressive : Tata made a lot way -- Maruti still doing great and Swift which looked great compared to North American model. I believe North Americans should see that model and cry on how Suzuki/GM treats them.

- 4 yrs back when i was leaving India, there was some big buildings - this time they looked old and new buildings -- Great !!

TV : get 250 channels for $10 ( set top box free ). I pay big for less channels in Canada

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back from India Trip

Post less month due to India trip after 3.5 years. Completely out of Internet and computers.

Some impressive and not impressive feelings :

Not impressive :

Airports (low hygienic)
Dust ( Bangalore)
Power ( Current /Electricity )


Mobile rates (phones and call rates )
Living standard ( special kudos to IT guys )
Cars - ( looked lot better -specially i like swift )
New entrepreneurs - special kudos to some people who left big pay cheques and working for some mission - i was really impressed
Drinks - Liquor
New shops

I remember only this much as of now, writing to make habit of writing back
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