Friday, August 29, 2008

Olympics, India and the Mobile phone advertisement

I was watching the television advertisement ( i think it tata some stuff ). The theme is a girl sitting, the dialog comes "sky high ambitions , with a bit of practise ... "This time she is running near a train then she gets a mobile phone call to come to Delhi and she is selected for some thing and she gets to a bullock cart and goes.

This exactly shows the India attitude. Big ambition, less practice and going to be on track against people have only one ambition and a lot practise ( hard work ).

Finally i was reading some interview with Abhinav Bhindra " I went with my own money for Olympics ". This says for all the practise he took his own money. The second thing is " There is no magic , you need to practice from now to get a medal in 2016.

Do this mobile advertisement explains whatz wrong in India back. Ohh ya we have controversies over the dress to wear on march past.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Engines ....

My new car opened a bit new world i never looked in. It is a 5 cylinder engine. Wow it was new for me. The neighbour (who is on his 80s and was an auto mechanic ) told some stories in 5 cylinder engines and it ignite me to read more.

3 Cylinder
4 Cylinder
5 Cylinder
6 Cylinder
8 Cylinder

and goes on. ..

another dimensions :


and goes on

Have a look on wikepeida, Its interesting read.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Small Car Mania

Every auto maker is trying to for small cars ( GM , Ford, Toyota, Honda ) because it has a more demand.

The reality is this demand is not going to be for a long term. But adds a new dimension for the auto making challenge (Big car with more economy ). I am sure a person who used big cars or SUVs never like to go for a small car or he wont be satisfied with a small car in a long term.

I have a neighbour who is using Toyota Yaris for last 2 years. Now she want a bit more bigger car because of the needs. Another friend of mine is also looking for a big car because he got two kids in home.

Yes, Big car solve the economy problem in a different way for work: Car pools. If car is taking 4 for work , its better in a SUV or a big car where every one is comfort ( even 2 people in big car equates 1 person in small car )

Lets wait and see till new fuel economic big vehicles hit the road.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Car Buying on Auction

I brought another car on auction from

This is the 3rd car i buy/sell through the same. Do i do it again ? depends but mostly i will go for a private sale or a new car.

Why ?
First car i brought : Pontiac grand AM 2000 SE - $3500 for a 186k km run car
total pay after tax and other fees : 4500+. Now brakes and other tuneups another $1000.

Total spending : $5500. Only maintenance expenses and no problems

Second car : sold old 198x Honda : Sold for $150, in hand after fees $49;

Third car : 1998 Volvo S70 ( i fall in love in first sight but had no idea on price ). Brought for $4000. after fees etc $5000, now in tune ups and breaks, $1000 ( its not with me yet ).

Total $6000, i searched in craigslists : price starts from $4500 to $6000. I am sure they are negotiable.

End result : Its better if you can get car below $3000 than normal buy else :-(.

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Maemo DIABLO SDK install on ubuntu 8.04

I am not going through the full install but only through the problems

Before install
edit /etc/sysctl.conf and add below

'vm.vdso_enabled = 0
vm.mmap_min_addr = 4096'

now run 'sysctl -p' as root

start the

Once the install is successful you will get the below term output


Installation was successful!

You now have Scratchbox 1.0.8 'apophis' release installed.

Scratchbox cannot be run as user root. Instead, use your normal login
user account. Add additional scratchbox users and sandboxes with the
following command (outside scratchbox with root permissions):

# /scratchbox/sbin/sbox_adduser USER yes

Running this command will create sandbox environment for that user and
add user to the 'sbox' scratchbox user group.
You will need to start a new login terminal after being added to the
'sbox' group for group membership to be effective.

Login to scratchbox session using the following command (as user):

$ /scratchbox/login


Now add the user :

sudo /scratchbox/sbin/sbox_adduser username yes

close the terminal, start new terminal, issue "sudo chmod -R +rx /scratchbox" and " chmod +s /scrachbox/sbin"

some times you need a restart ( better to restart ). In my case i went to another problem ( solution was " chmod 777 /tmp" ).

Now back and run "bash"
If things go good, You will see a "Happy hacking! " message at the end.