Sunday, December 28, 2008

Linux can't cure a stupid and it's not a medicine for stupidity

These were the words, i saw in one of the start up company, written on white board with some marker. I did talk to the person who wrote it.

Long story short :  

It was a start up company and the products on mac platform (Xserves). They got venture funding and was hiring best for making the best. The person controlling engineering was a Solaris fan and he was from a big company. 

As there is enough money the first plan was t make the product carrier grade and so first step is to port from mac to Solaris. The major problem was network guys were much comfortable with the disk imaging and back and restore procedures. Any way, they ordered a lot of Solaris machines and started porting. 

Porting on the way and they hired next engineering top person. He was from a big company and he said that the big company makes products in Linux and CTO was a fan of the "big company" decided to switch products to Linux. 

The company ordered a lot new machines and now again new installs , porting and no revenue ...  

This was the time the writing came to board.  
By this time one of the competitor went on some product related issues and the company was forced to withdraw all the products. Here we go .. 

The start up we were talking, run out of money and left with all the hardware and software they brought. No money for a future R&D for a product and not a new business plan. Tried hard with lot new block diagrams and plans from some hired talent to get more money in and failed.

Finally the start up got closed.  

Lets be back to 2 points :  

Skills you need for a start up is not that of a big organization.

Hire selectively if you need to survive.

In big organizations, i have met a lot people who don't have the skills to survive in a start up.  

Start up is a sort of lottery, lot are just surviving. Think how many times you got the bumper prize. Plans may be nice and mostly it's by somebody who don't have much idea but guts to start a business. it's not all about business, it has more things. Experience is also not the only thing to successes. This is for individuals, do you really have the drive to take you there ?

So think multiple times, if you want to switch to a start up career .I have a lot friends who started and then back to big business and have some people who still stick to the initial/revised plan and making small steps towards the future. There is a difference between process and innovation.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Resoures Era 2.0

We had Resources era where people were looking for resources, then it came Industrial era and the came computer era( yes it was only 30+ years and ended with bill gates and official end 2010 ) and now we back to resources era.

Whatz special about this era this time ?

In first era 1.0 people traveled for more trade routes, discovery of countries, invasions and extraction of resources etc. Now we are almost run out of resources

Oil we have but we cant afford, we need cheap and its not clean air we need clear alternatives ( we need renewable energy and all our out next gen utilities should be using the electricity ). So we need more ways to produce, store electricity and should be affordable.

Second, we cant eat electricity as of now. We need more food. We have more people and less land, so we need to make more food from less. Another potential area for next gen.

Health, Last day i was watching a movie on clones. The theme was like, when you take insurance policy, they will take a sample and make a clone of you. Once you need any organ or something else, they use the clones one ( saying you won a lottery move them to an island and kill them ). To be true i fear this movie is going to be true in this era.

Lets see what all this era offers but as first ones, yes battery technologies are hot now, now computer is a normal thing and its no longer the high pay job.Its a skill every one need to make your work better.

Lets be back to manufacturing and research. Make more resources.

As i was reading the land is mars is good for asparagus, We can expect an era where asparagus is made in mars and space shuttles running back and forth for transportation.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Next Big word for USA

In west, the words yoga, karma, guru etc has found own place. I love to say the next big word which is going to be the life style for west is "Swadeshi movement"

Why ? USA started with industries and then they lost the track. For more profits they outsourced the quality jobs and only sales and some other minimum pay jobs remained.

The industries said they are getting profits.People who got profits brought land and land owners got money and all the real-estate eco system got the money. They never cared that all the quality jobs are vanishing. Now they are understanding that there is no customers who can afford the services/products and there is no market.

Why ? Because quality jobs vanished and now all get minimum pay jobs and they cannot afford.

Do this has any relation with next big word ? yep lets see whatz swadeshi movement

wikipedia says :

Mahatma Gandhi described Swadeshi as "a call to the consumer to be aware of the violence he is causing by supporting those industries that result in poverty and harm to workers and to humans and other creatures."

Gandhi recognised that alienation and exploitation often occur when production and consumption are divorced from their social and cultural context, and that local enterprise is a way to avoid these problems. "Swadeshi is that spirit in us which requires us to serve our immediate neighbours before others, and to use things produced in our neighbourhood in preference to those more remote. So doing, we serve humanity to the best of our capacity. We cannot serve humanity by neglecting our neighbours

Now USA has to make things and not import. Have to shift business back to US and not say we outsourced fabrication or other stuff.

Lets look for more "Made in USA" and let people support the move by spending on local products.

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