Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New year !!

Just 4 posts in an year, Need some change ...

So for 2014, i dont have solid plans or targets  but for sure we should be able to improve .This time we are looking for building fundamentals.

Lookback on 2013 :

2013 , in a personal level didn't count any achievements, It was a lazy year in case of outputs. May be i should call it as a foundation year after couple of years. Spend a good amount of time with family and was good.

Good thing : Papaji and Mamiji got immigration and Joined us in Canada. Thanks to the CIC for a 6 year+ long immigration process.

Bad thing : I was the cause of broken bone for my younger kid left hand. But yes  she is now good and bones got joined. 

For 2014 ( in general ) :

Reduce waste time  , Reduce time spend in the facebook ( this is one of my resolutions ).
Socialize better in real world than virtual world ( more of a phone call than a like on facebook )

Increase productive time
Caring health a little more ( shedding some pounds )

Wishing a wonderful 2014 :-)

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Minivan ( 2 minutes paint job )

A minivan after more that 2 minutes added ( initial pic changed a little more )

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Idea rejection letters - Ford and GM

Lot times i wondered the idea submission to companies like Ford and GM ever get reviewed. For a change i submitted my previous post ( )  for new idea submission on Ford and GM. Both rejected it, but i never have seen even a review letter from GM for the ideas i submitted before. So i thought its good to share those letters. Thanks to both companies for the review of the idea. Didn't get any feedback but still i assume its worth that they looked at it and evaluated.

The Email from GM :

From: <>
Date: Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 6:03 AM
Subject: Response to GM New Devices Submission #42992,

<My full name >

Dear <My full name> ,
The New Devices Section received your online submission (#42992- A Multimode (9 mode) hybrid transmission ) to General Motors Company on 2013-08-16T01:51:40Z.

It has been determined that General Motors has no interest in acquiring any rights you may have.

We regret our reply could not be more favorable.  However, we appreciate your interest in General Motors.

New Devices Section
General Motors Company

 Similar Email from the Ford

From: Ewideas, N (N.) <>
Date: Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 12:11 PM
Subject: Consumer Innovation Review - 23220 (Idea Title: A Hybrid transmission which can work in 9 modes.)
To: "me " <>

Dear <my name> ,
Thank you for submitting an idea to Ford Motor Company.  Your suggestion was forwarded to a technical specialist for evaluation.  Their evaluation is based on two major elements: 1) improvement upon current technology, and 2) cost.  Our technical specialists have reviewed your idea and concluded that Ford Motor Company will not be able to further investigate development of your particular idea, nor acquiring any rights on your behalf.

Your concept some unique characteristics, however, we found that such arrangements are more expensive and less efficient than the systems we have brought to production.

Regretting that our response could not be more favorable, we, nevertheless, thank you for your interest in Ford.

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.  This is an unmonitored email address and any replies will be deleted without review.
Consumer Innovation Office

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Friday, August 16, 2013

A Multimode (9 mode) hybrid transmission

A Multimode (10 mode) hybrid transmission

The multimode hybrid transmission consists of a compound planetary gear system where 2 planetary gear systems using a special design single sun gear.

There are 5 interfaces for the transmission where

  •  Connected to the internal combustion engine ( Ring 1 ) 
  •  Connected to a motor/generator – MG1 ( PC 1 ) 
  •  Connected to a motor/generator –MG2 ( PC2 ) 
  •  To wheels ( Ring 2 ) 
  •  Sun ( to a Park mechanism ) 

Where ,  PC is used as abbreviation for planetary carrier  and  MG as Motor /Generator . The multimode transmission requires the MG1, MG2, and ICE and to wheels having a park mode. The park mode, the connected interface should resist movement. Ex: grounding to the chassis is one way for park. The park is assumed to be (Boolean) interface. The parked interface will be static member of the compound gear system.

For example a breaking system or a ground to chassis can be considered as parking systems.

 In a manufacturing prospective, this system requires only 2 ring gears, 2 planetary carrier + planet gears, one central Sun gear. They system has no clutches in the mechanical path.

 The configuration: PC1 connect to MG1, PC2 connected to MG2, Ring1 connected to the ICE and Ring 2 connected to wheels. The Sun gear has a parking mechanism attached.

 The transmission can operate on below modes
  •  One motor EV ( Sun - park, PC1 – Park, R1 - Park ) - EV drive, reverse , regen
  •  Serial hybrid ( Sun – Park , MG1 as generator, MG2 as Motor )  Ext drive, reverse , regen
  •  Two motor EV ( Ring 1 - Park , MG1 and MG2 as Motors ) 
  •  ICE supported one Motor drive ( PC1 – Park , MG2 as Motor ) 
  •  Generator Mode ( Sun, PC2,Ring 2 – Park , MG1 as Generator ) 
  •  Generator 2 gen mode (Ring 2 - Park, MG1 and MG2 as Generator ) 
  •  ICE direct drive ( PC1 , PC2 – Park ) 
  •  ICE direct drive with 2 motor charging. ( nothing on park , MG1 and MG2 as Generator ) 
  • Ice direct drive with one motor Charging ( PC2 or PC1 on park as which generator is chosen   MG1/MG2  as Gen ),  
  • 2 Motor regen ( Ring1 Park , MG1 , MG2 as generators)

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