Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paying for the Rich - A Carbon Tax story

Finally i am understanding - we live for the rich to take advantage of us.

Everybody say - Lets go green.
The Question is How much green ?
Now i see every where selling has a green or a Hybrid word associated to it.

Lets come back: As my background , I have a kid who is going to be 2 yr old.To save some money from income,we decided not to send kid to daycare ( yep we need to give half of my wife income to daycare to take care of baby and day care work from 7-5 and we work from 9-6 ).For this we make a bit hard decision of working in shifts ( my wife works at night and i work at day ).

Her job is 30 kms away from the place we live ( yes we looked for jobs near, as we don't have degrees from here ( her degree is accredited to equivalent to Masters in Canada but Canadian employers never give a chance for her to attend interview. So she got option from an Australia based company). I drop her at night and go and pick her in the morning. I own a Pontiac grand AM which gives me 9.8 kmpl. We use car for transport as night its not safe for her to take public transit.Apart from this i take public transit and because of these tax additions there was a fare increase recently.

Now Carbon tax :

Gasoline: 2.41 cents per litre in 2008, rising to 7.24 cents per litre by 2012
Natural gas: 49.88 cents per GJ in 2008, rising to 149.64 cents per GJ by 2012

It added around 20 cents per day to my gas bill ( as of now ). As the gas prices were sky rocking, it has null effect, still it did its job of taking money out of me.

Canada is a cold county (kool place ) and everybody uses Gasoline/Natural gas in winter.Winter is yet to come, let me see how much more i have to pay.I am sure its going to hit me hard in winter from all places. Yes i think it was a smart move to introduce it in summer with giving a $ 100 incentive to hand.

Fine , I pay and money is gone out of me. Now the second part starts

Where this tax money goes ?

Last day i was watching a TV - a news special saying Trucks go green :- Introduction of Hybrid Trucks. Wow green!! . I started listening. Some sales people talk - We are committed to go green. I felt again WOW!!.

Me more listening.

The truck owner association president :- "We are committed to go green and we expect Gov to divert funds from carbon tax to aid buying more Green trucks"

Wow!!, What a nice way of taking my hard earned money as his business investment.

Am i a Fool ? or do we need these systems to help or overkill us ?

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Paying for the Rich - An ICBC story

Finally i am understanding - we live for the rich to take advantage of us.

Let me tell the full story

I was driving last day and my car skid and hit side of the road. I was not on high speeds or my car was not bad. But i think i was a bit fast for the climate ( it was drizzling and road became slippery ). I travel the same way for last 3 yrs and never had any problems.Why it slipped on that day ? I am not sure because i travelled on same road 8.5 hrs before. lets be back to story.

So car skid and hit the concrete barrier. Fortunately nobody got injured (yes i had my 2 year old boy in the car ) but the car got some repairs, I reported the incident to police and some towing company towed the car to ICBC.

Now the real story :
Dialed ICBC - The first made the claim and asked options. Then real understanding started. If i make a claim even its $100 its going to have subsequent insurance increase of 55% next year 45% second year and 35% third year and 4th year it will be back to my current rate. This means around $5000 extra to my budget over 3 years. I brought the car for $3500 2 years back.This means ICBC write off my car is going to give me $3500 max.

Afer i heard all maths from icbc i dialed one of my friend for a second
opanion and he revealed his story which finally end up in not claiming and fixing car himself.

Now i started thinking, what about rich ? They own cars of $35000+, a skid means $10000 min. They also pay the same insurance extra as me if they claim ( so extra $4000 ) and $6000 for free.

From where this money comes ? From mine and your insurance. Finally we pay insurance for

For making ICBC profit full
For giving free money to Rich ( last 3 yrs i paid more that $7000 as insurance to ICBC and now i have to write off my car which adds another $2000 ( after my own use deduction )

Time to think - Do we really need these systems ??


Expect another article on Carbon tax, This is another way the working class pay for rich to remodel/expand their business.
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle Little star in malayalam

My translation :

Malayakam :

ചിമ്മും ചിമ്മും നക്ഷത്രം
നീ എന്തൊരു അതിശയം
മേലേ മേലേ മാനത്ത്‌
മിന്നി നടക്കും രത്നം പോല്‍

In Manglish :
Chimmum chimmum nakshatram
Nee enthoru athishayam
Maala maala manathil
Minni nadakum ratnam pool

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Complexity theory

Last day was talking a friend ( he is am immigrant from Iran ) about howz his friends etc. From him i got this complexity theory

In the place we have friends whom we have a lot to talk in common. Once we immigrate or go away from them , for first years we will dial back a lot talk to them etc. Later the frequency of communication goes less , and less and less. This time you will be building your roots ( a circle of complexities ) here and your friends will building there own roots. After some time you guys may find that there is less/ Nothing to talk because your complexities are different from your friends.

Once again :- what you share common with a friend who studied in school where you were very close with him/her and how much time you can talk now and what subjects ?

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