Thursday, February 19, 2009

The new electric era : 2010

Every car maker asking money to govt, what went wrong ? and whatz next

Yes its new era beginning, people are looking for EVs ( electric vehicles ). Its all about locally generated renewable energy. 

As of now a lot manufactures are plotting plans to come with EVs

Mini EV is already on roads
Plug in Prius is getting ready
I Miev is getting ready to be launched
Nissan plans its launch on 2010.

and Volt from GM

Volt looks like a normal car with 100 mph top speed and only 40 miles range, where volt can run with an   petrol after that.

I was also thinking ICE engine to a generator and then to a battery and then to electric motor, how this is going to be more efficient than a Ice engine connected to wheels because it has some elements in between and everywhere there is energy losses. 

Yes i was also thinking this way till i started reading that the ICE engine in normal driving conditions have only 20% efficiency. so ?

The max efficiency is at highways when its cruising. Another aspect which was mind blowing was it requires only around 47hp when you are cruising. The only place we use the HP is merging to highway or uphill or some other conditions and we never used to use the full HP of and engine.

Here is the advantage of the electric motor configuration comes. 

We can operate the ICE engine at its max efficiency when its operating to generate to electric power. 

We can store the power in ultra capacitors/ batteries

We can generate additional  power from regenerative shocks and breaks.

We can control the power distribution with software logic when we are using electric motors.

We can optimize the power distribution with software logic and its upgradable as time passes.

What this translates to ?

Yes a 120 mpg. The Ice engine with gives a 40 mpg is translated to a 120 mpg with the serial hybrid config

Yes the logic  behind Volt is simple, translate the formulas to a never imagined MPG, If you drive only less than 40 miles /64 km them you charge your car and drive - complete renewable energy, and if you drive more, efficient use of energy which takes 3 fold by intelligent algorithms

Yes Lets welcome the new ERA of Volt , Way to go GM  (if  the these numbers matches with your tests ). Its totally green  !!

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