Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Volt ? something before it ?

One of the problems we hear on GM Volt is its expensive, The component which makes it expensive is the battery.Is there a second way out ?

Again i started thinking and found a solution. Lets think of a below configuration

                  +--------------------------  Control  circuit
                  |                                                       |
Electric generator ------ Ultra capacitor----Electric Motor 

Why this is cost effective ?Genarator powers the electric motor,  The ultra capacitor stores the energy from the generator  some times ( like down hill, stops etc ) and other times it stores the regenerative energy . The electric motor takes electric energy from the ultra capacitor when it needs execss energy like up hill etc. This will be very cost effective as Ultra capacitr is not expensive as battery and range requiremnt is only 10 - 15 mile ( or even 5 mile )

If the Ultra capacitor can store energy for X miles AER, the Electric generator can always run in optimum capacity and be shut off till  the ultra capacitor reaches to be in a depletion area (say x-n ). Once its in depeltion area . the generator can charge and store more energy in it and support the power needs of the car by supplying additionl energy for uphill, merge etc. 

The down side : It wont perform on uphills like normal drive it the hill is very big/steep (after ultacapacitir runs out of energy ). 

 But comparing to the cost it should be a good step to consider before the volt and it will have less weight compared to BEVs and gives the cost effective first step on full electric drive. With the other idea listed ( the NP stroke engine and Active stroke mgmt ) this will be a 150 mpg cost effective vehicles.

This may be great config for a small car. intellectual property rights reserved for idea and implementation.

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