Monday, March 29, 2010

Nine women cant deliver a baby in a month

I was hearing somebody saying "Managers are the ones who interpret data in a way things cant happen. An example is when they hear "A woman can deliver a baby in nine months , they think 9 women can delver a baby in a month and they make delverables planned accrding to a month schedule "

Then i started thinking

A Woman and a man can produce a baby in 9 months ( some times 2 ,3 etc )A woman and 9 man cant produce 9 babies in 9 months


A man and 9 women can produce 9 babies in 10 months

Useless math, its not a big thing to produce babies, bring up them health with proper values and proper education is important. But how can bring up with initial production.

May be we can make 2 kinds of people. Bring upers and producers. 2 specialized skills and can be more productive. We no longer need some one who can produce and bring up a kid.

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