Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NEW Hybrid

Not HSD, no Voltec a thrid one ?

My idea

Mode EV : C1 : dis engaged, C2,C3 any state
Mode EV with more torque requirement : C1, C2 engaged, C3 disengaged

Extended Mode : Serial Mode : C3 Engaged, C1, C2 Disengaged
Extended Mode : Up hill more torque : C1,C2,C3 engaged

Regeneration : same EV mode
Home power Generator mode : c2 disengaged , C3 engaged

So for C1, C2,C3 can use Magnetic Clutch : . In simple words this contains 2 plates and the gap is filled with magnetorheological fluid (MR fluid). There is fluid storage and electro maganets. so when the clutch needs engaged, the fluid fills the gas and electric field is applied so the fluid truns to solid. At time of disengagement, remove the magnetic field and store the fluid back to container.

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