Friday, October 12, 2007

The Calf Love ...

Was browsing through Orcut. Nice to see the Old friends online after a lot years.

The little things came to notice :

The people who was not that into studies, who do all extra activities - almost all - are settled in US / out of India .The best part is most of them are very family oriented ( result from analysis of the pictures and scraps ).

The kids who were doing full time studies are in local jobs ( in India )- they still deserved to be called as kids.

Girls ( no matter how they studied or loved ) are mostly in US due to their spouse.

The collage couples - who were always together in college and were decided to live/die together ( or pretended so ) - 90% have different spouses. The best part was i was able to find the "Calf Love" mostly in their friends list.

Finally i understood .. thatz the way world works.

We need a past to have a future.
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