Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Comcast introduces open-cable platform

Why its interesting for me ?

I believe the next big stuff for some years is going to be IP - Video - TV stuff.
The IP broadcasting is going to fly from here. Open standards make the game more fair.

I imagine a new level of TV channels who directly broadcast the content over IP on a subscription basis and people watching them in Home TV using IP STB.

May be google kind of web companies will come with a channel search page so that we will browse and choose the program.

What happens to cable/Telco companies ?

They are going to be pipe providers, they will provide data pipe to home. Rest all - what to watch, from where to watch etc the customer decides :-)

Going to be hot ?
Big pipe technologies - Wimax, fiber etc
HD video technologies - Full HD codecs - smarter/faster
Open standards so that every one can have a TV broadcast.
IP STB devices with open interfaces.

why it will take years ? Its a paradigm shift, cable - telcos - tv channels will show change resistance because of the money they already put in these.

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