Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time to buy a Apple tv ?

Was wondering, Is it time to buy Apple TV ?

$2.99 for old movies and $3.99 for new movies.

k let me calculate :

Cost of Apple Tv : $299
Cost of internet : $50 / month
Cost of movie : $15 /month

How much I pay with netflix and i am sure they have good movie collection.

K fine, I understood its high tech, so comes with a cost ( mostly hidden) once i combine more services the cost will be less ). Do i have any other use with Apple Tv ? as a gaming console or so ?

noo, So i cant use.

May be i expect Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo to do movie online business or netflix to start online movie business with one of these people so that i can use my gaming box for movie also, I love to buy one on those than Apple tv or Apple should come up with a gaming console.

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