Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2 escalators :Simple life, Its just choice

Was walking from skytrain station to work, there are 2 escalators in front of me, I came to one and found its not working, still lot people walking on it as 2 raws. Switched to the second one which is working, stood on the raw which doesn't walk, the walking raw was almost null and i found later one guy walking up on that raw.

Was wondering life is also like this :

Lot people walks on the stagnant one - and they reach up
Lot people are stagnant but they reach up because the system is moving.
Some people who walks on the moving system so they reach up in half time than rest.

Which one is good ?

I don't know, i felt all has its advantages

The walking on stagnant on says : When going gets tough the tough gets going and they are healthy because of walk.

The stagnant people : They enjoy the free moments on laziness still moves (look at me and my thoughts at that time )

The walking people on working system : They reach to half time so they can do more things in the time others reach that level

Simple life, Its just choice.

NB: escalator: a power-driven set of stairs arranged like an endless belt that ascend or descend continuously

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