Thursday, February 28, 2008

Apple Mac - a love starts

Last weeks, i got chance to work with Apple Mac computers, started with Min mac, then a G5 PPC to iMac PPC and now on a iMac Intel core dual.

Initial days i was not happy ( even my for locking the screen was not there, but after discovering the hot corner - yep its really impressive now for me - No crash, No slow down nothing, the system works great. Now i really started thinking of buying one.

very good quality :-), Finally i came to know that Apple OS is open source :
From a free Book :

The Mac OS X architecture comprises nine components :

Darwin— The open source core operating system. Darwin includes a full BSD implementation (more on that later in the chapter).

QuickTime— Apple's award-winning multimedia technologies are built in to the graphics foundation of Mac OS X.

OpenGL— OpenGL is the SGI-created industry standard for 3D graphics. Although OpenGL is heavily challenged by Direct3D on the Microsoft platform, even Microsoft grudgingly supports the standard.

Quartz— Apple's new 2D imaging framework and window server based on the PDF format. Quartz breaks new ground in handling the onscreen interface.

Classic— The Classic environment (originally called Blue Box in the Rhapsody implementation) enables existing Mac OS applications to run under Mac OS X.

Carbon— An API (application programming interface) to ease the transition to Mac OS X for traditional Mac programmers. This is based on the original Mac OS API, and can be used to create programs that run on Mac OS 8/9 as well as Mac OS X.

Cocoa— Cocoa (originally called Yellow Box in Rhapsody) is the robust modern API that enables applications to be built from scratch in a fraction of the time it would take traditionally.

Java— For the first time ever, the Mac OS is a player in the Java development and deployment arena. Java 2SE v1.3 is a first-class citizen and distributed with each copy of Mac OS X.

Aqua— Aqua uses the Quartz imaging engine to create the most astounding user interface available on any platform. Applications written in Cocoa, Carbon, or Java can access the capabilities of the Aqua GUI.

Kool stuff to go.

Some body was whispering an IPhone SDK is set to go next week or so.

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