Monday, April 14, 2008

Yet another "all non core stuff be Open source" example from Cisco (AXP)

The new mantra "all non core stuff be Open source" is working faster or gaining more importance. This gives a "Green Image" to the company ( we are not against open source message - lets coin its as Green image ) + advantage of open source.

Cisco is the last in the game with Cisco AXP

from FAQ :

Q. What does AXP stand for?
A. Application eXtension Platform.

Q. What is AXP?
A. AXP is a Linux blade that runs in the Cisco integrated services router and allows third-party applications to be tightly integrated with the router using APIs. AXP provides an application hosting infrastructure that affords Cisco integrated services router customers the opportunity to run all or portions of their branch applications on an integrated services router service module. The AXP will also be available to commercial application vendors and customers as a new platform capable of running their applications inside of an integrated services router, rather than on a traditional standalone server. AXP provides a powerful platform to create complete solutions with the integrated services router.

Q. Can anyone develop an application and install it on AXP?
A. Developers need to engage through the AXP Development Partner Program.

Q. Are any prepackaged application solutions available for sale?
A. The AXP go to market includes both platform sales (AXP sold as open platform) as well as solution sales (AXP sold as part of larger solution ecosystem). Cisco is building solution practices around primary markets such as payment systems, workforce management, and unified communications. Most of these solution sales will be reference sells, whereas a small number of them will be sold with third-party applications on the Cisco price list. In any case, there a number of prepackaged, validated solutions will be cultivated and marketed as part of the overall AXP go to market.

Q. What operating systems can run on AXP?
A. Today, Linux is the only supported OS

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