Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Next Big word for USA

In west, the words yoga, karma, guru etc has found own place. I love to say the next big word which is going to be the life style for west is "Swadeshi movement"

Why ? USA started with industries and then they lost the track. For more profits they outsourced the quality jobs and only sales and some other minimum pay jobs remained.

The industries said they are getting profits.People who got profits brought land and land owners got money and all the real-estate eco system got the money. They never cared that all the quality jobs are vanishing. Now they are understanding that there is no customers who can afford the services/products and there is no market.

Why ? Because quality jobs vanished and now all get minimum pay jobs and they cannot afford.

Do this has any relation with next big word ? yep lets see whatz swadeshi movement

wikipedia says :

Mahatma Gandhi described Swadeshi as "a call to the consumer to be aware of the violence he is causing by supporting those industries that result in poverty and harm to workers and to humans and other creatures."

Gandhi recognised that alienation and exploitation often occur when production and consumption are divorced from their social and cultural context, and that local enterprise is a way to avoid these problems. "Swadeshi is that spirit in us which requires us to serve our immediate neighbours before others, and to use things produced in our neighbourhood in preference to those more remote. So doing, we serve humanity to the best of our capacity. We cannot serve humanity by neglecting our neighbours

Now USA has to make things and not import. Have to shift business back to US and not say we outsourced fabrication or other stuff.

Lets look for more "Made in USA" and let people support the move by spending on local products.

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