Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Dying twitter

The Dying twitter ? do you think so ?
Initial days there were a lot twittering ( or tweeting people ). Now i see people are back to normal life looking for the next new thing to claim they are kool. As we know its mostly the 30+ crowd who wanna show or want to make them self young, goes behind anything new.

They go behind a new tool for some time - ex blogs - every one started one and 2 months after most left.

Same is happening with the twitter now, Lot new people showed and robbers used the technology for their advantage ( remember the robbery happened reading tweets ). Now people started realizing privacy is needed. Better priority stuff back and twitters death started.

now PR people started using twitter as another way to its now a good rss reader :-).

Whatz next big thing ? Lets wait and celebrate the next one to make us young kool , techi and updated.

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