Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Buy AMD, Save our future ...

Looks oodd ? , lets look more

Currently we have only 2 major chip vendors - AMD and Intel - on desktop side (x86). If we don't buy AMD now, AMD will go into more losses and finally expect a close. This leaves only Intel in the field. As hardware is not software and as it requires
manufacturing, we cant do a open source chip with current models. This gives Intel the freedom to price as they want.

now lets say like : Buy AMD, save your wallet for future
: My next ( PC || Desktop || Laptop ) runs on AMD

AMD is the one which came with first X64 architecture and today AMD put its new AMD's Light-Weight Profiling (LWP) Specification for software parallelization (link).

It's right time to start think of AMD in your next PC.

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