Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thenali Raman and Harry Potter

Ada pavi, you didn't get anything else, asked my friend, peeping on to the monitor and the title. ha, true, i had many more things to write about, but just thought i would write on this...doesn't it sound cool, norwegean wood?

well, cool or hot, that is the fact. the reality of living in a global village means trading off, or forgetting your history, your past, your lores, for the urban legends. I'm sure i'll see so many hands rising in triumph if i ask about harry poter at any of the schools in bangalore, mumbai, delhi, kolkatha, kochi, or hyderabad. but how many of those hands will remain up, if I ask about thenali raman, thacholi othenan, tagore, sivaji, or tipu?

K R Narayanan once said"Globalisation does not mean the end of history and geography and of the lively and exciting diversities of the world." It meant, rather, that global governance should be in harmony with the diversities it was required to contend with. Doesn't sound cool, norwegean wood?

Tailpiece: the friend who shouted the 'ada pavi,...' was busy sourcin the latest potter book for his niece...of course, his niece knows a few things about our own legends and lores, but we just got into this discussion on how fast this potter mania is catching up...and how cool and fashionable it has become to live in the present, the present presented by the media, and the hype.

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