Wednesday, August 8, 2007

mundu - The garment IM

The mundu is a garment worn around the waist in Kerala and Maldives related to the Dhoti as well as the Lungi. In South Canara district of Karnataka state the Tulu speaking folk and Beary community do use mundu. It is normally woven in cotton and coloured white or cream. The colour is dependent on whether the cotton is bleached or unbleached. Kaddar mundu is another kind which is made using handlooms. When unbleached the mundu is called a neriyathu. In modern times, two types of mundu are prevalent - the single and the double. A single mundu is draped once around the waist, while the double is folded in half before draping. A mundu is usually starched before use. talks about an IM product which claims: A comphrehensive Instant Messaging platform to help you build, grow and monetize your user community.

Another web 2.0 company playing with multi messaging ( i am not sure whetehr there 'll be a day when i can have one account and talk to different servers).The sadest part is i was not able to find even a single reference to any standards in the site. so i assume it as another propratory IM.

Unfortunatley the link gave more than enough confusion. Just put some blocks and say its a platform features without any explantion

any way i think the wed designers managed to push a lot of open standard words in the platform features as features (looks the person who made the picture never know what he was drawing ).It more resembled me a preson who dont know english draws "To let" as "Toilet".I tried to download but looks slow , so i left it as it is :-)

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Rajesh said...

Hi, Unni,

I am using Palm Treo650 now. While searching for an IM for Treo, I came across this Mundu. Installed and tried it. It worked fine. I was able to login to Google talk and Yahoo at the same time and chat. It is a cool IM for palm. I might buy it... if they do not increase the price. :-)

~ Raku