Tuesday, September 4, 2007

gOOgle phOne

talks on google phone :-), says a five facts

The operating system will be a "mobile variant of Linux" capable of running Java Virtual Machines.

Second, all the on-board applications will be Java-based, including the music/video player.

Third, the user interface is based in Java, is "very responsive", features a "search box", and will be "typical of mobile phones."

Fourth, the web browser -- also in Java -- will have pan and browse.

Lastly, there was initially one prototype, but since then the mobile OS has been seen running on between 3 and 5 devices, all of which rock the QWERTY.

Our view : google phone will be a mobile device capable of surfing internet (may be WIFI or WIMAX or 1X or EVDO or GPRS ( we dont expect GPRS because of low speed).
It will not be the normal mobile phone and will be running a linux OS and capable of running all the google app including gmail, search, talk ( expect call out and callin from googletalk with a dial pad ).google apps, maps youtube videos and all other google applications. The main focus will be adv displays with content.

It's time of voip and web to common man, every body needs it.

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