Wednesday, September 5, 2007

ATV - All Terrain vehicle in India

ATV - All Terrain vehicle. Was reading more in this. In developed countries ATVs are used for farming activities and other recreation. Countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada use them in farms with a lot farm attachments like Seed Spreader, Plow, Loader, Fertilizer spreader.

Wondering its usage in countries like India.

India ?? - No ATV but a lot of 100 - 250 cc motorcycles. Was reading Bajaj auto and TVS goes on a war for patent infringement.

Why not these people work together and make good engines than fighting each other ? Do they don't know Hondas and Suzuki's make good engines than them. Look at west - Pontiac sells Vibe which has complete Toyota engine against Toyota matrix ( same car under Toyota badge).

I was wondering about an ATV using a good 200 cc - 300 cc India made engine ( lets look which engines and patents work ) for normal farm use. It should help people to do most farm needs without much money. May be these usage may make better engines.

Another idea was to try them on water scooters. Let these engines mature.
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