Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Flash Phone

Thanks to Tom Keating (TMC lab ) for talking about the flash phone. I rushed to the flashphone site for a trial.

Clicked the link - waiting, waiting and waiting -- nothing happened.

Entered , yep the response is fast.

Registered and got a mail for activating my account. Tried to activate my account - no response :-(.

Today morning while checking my mail, found a mail asking whether i got the activation mail. I replied saying clicked and nothing happened. 5 minutes - they send back a mail saying my account is activated.

Rushed in to the site, made the first call, wow works!!. Normal idea executed nicely.

I didn't try the sip call because my 3 call limit got over with 3 PSTN calls and i am sure all the SIP HYPERs will do that first than PSTN call. I think the sip should change its name to HYPE because always a lot HYPE marketers make it live.They don't bother a business system build on top of sip is struggling from SUEs (vonage). They don't want to address those issues but want to say SIP SIP and SIP.

I am not sure it works only for sip because if its an asterisk at backend, it can make calls to other protocols also. I was to try but my 3 call limit is over :-(.

The first look says me it works in this way.

Client<----> Web server (flash media server)
Custom channel driver or interface
to existing channel
An asterisk
or a softswitch
+----> PSTN Cloud
+----> SIP

and the client talks to web server using custom protocol with the primitives




No firewall traversal problems because call always goes to server( no peer o peer) but expensive at server side for network bandwidth. Again this i didn't explore that detail because the PSTN calls always need to go to a gateway.

The security ? yep looks they still believe in md5 for encrypting password.

Business model : its a video advertisements model. So we say when you make a call,ring with a video and audi on, then video ( only video because there is only one mic ) advertisements. May be they change, if no body buy them.

The news link :
The site :

End result :

good job !!!, People can use it easy, don't bother about technology ,Its easy to use.

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