Thursday, November 8, 2007

Google - It's Evil - with proof

yes, finally i am realizing the fact. I know there is lot questions why i think so ? or the best open source support company is that and you say its evil ?

lets looks on facts.

First of all, i accept its contributions to open source and i say its really valuable.

Now lets looks what google does,

First case : Google talk : yes its based on XMPP and the library they use (libjingle) is open source.

Fact : true but read the libjingle page :

"The current version of the libjingle code still uses the original internal protocol, which is slightly different from, and incompatible with, the Jingle specification. Nevertheless, it is close enough to Jingle that it is worthwhile learning the Jingle specifications. Similar "close but not identical" conditions exist for libjingle's audio content description (early version of Jingle Audio Content Description Format XEP-0167), ICE transport description (early version of Jingle Ice Transport XEP-0176), and raw UDP transport description (early version of Jingle Raw UDP transport description XEP-0177). Where this documentation refers to "Jingle" or one of its related extensions (in terms of how libjingle uses that protocol), it really refers to the original, internal protocol "


what this means ? The Old Microsoft evil : "Embrace, extend, and exterminate". Even google does not document their internal protocol. means giving free code is to spoil the standards and the whole work happened before.

accepting its evil ?

Second case : Look at the Android.

How many efforts on Linux mobile is existing ?
Please have a look :

Do we really need one more ?

This reminds me open source as APAC countries and the Non-open source as European and North American countries. In APAC, they fight each other always and they never think of a joint solution. They buy arms from the Eu and NA countries and spend the most part of their money which is supposed to be used for their development and finally make the EU and NA countries more rich. After effect :

The APAC are poor, undeveloped nations spending high on defense
EU and NA - Rich developed nations.

Google by applying the Evil factor it making the open source community more poor.

Do you now agree Google is Evil ?

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Venkatesh Sridhar said...

And your point is??

I could not understand how you decided that Google is evil based only on its support for open source.