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A maemo answer for google phone wish list

1) First and foremost, I want an easy to use OS. Sorry, Symbian and Windows Mobile--though both these mobile OSes have plenty of power, they're not the easiest for the smartphone newbie to understand. Palm is a fine OS, but it's getting to be rather dated and sadly underpowered. Ideally, the Android platform will be as easy to use as OS X on the iPhone, but with a lot more flexibility.

Ans : Interface, GUI is not OS. maemo uses gnome mobile, Open source, themes supported.

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2) Google has already come to my aid with the second feature I want--the ability to install and use a wide range of applications. I would be happy with the Google apps alone--I use GMail and Google Calendar religiously, and Google Docs would be great to have--but if Google truly believes in the open-source movement, they would open the doors for their competitors to enter the gate as well. This means I want to see apps from Yahoo and Microsoft on here along with all the other third-party ones.

Ans : Mozilla based web browser with flash and other support.

3) Following up on number 2, these are the applications I want on the phone: A fast and well-built browser that supports Flash as well as Java, a multiple IM client, an e-mail client that supports POP and IMAP, compatibility with Microsoft's Exchange server for work e-mail, and perhaps this is a pipe dream, but I want a VoIP client. Ideally, I'd like a mobile Skype app, as well as compatibility with something like T-Mobile's HotSpot @ Home, where I get to make free calls via WiFi.

Ans : - you will see more than 409 projects ( skype is already there )

4) It needs to be fast. That means I want 3G, and I want Wi-Fi as well (OK, so this is encroaching on hardware territory a bit). Thankfully, Qualcomm has mentioned that 3G will be a big part of Android, so this isn't too far from reality. That said, 3G and Wi-Fi together in one package would be ideal.

Ans : I don't know how many 3Gs are already deployed,
I don't understand why you need even 3G when WIMAX or 4G ( all ip based infrastructure) rolls out

5) Open up Bluetooth as much as possible. That means I want stereo Bluetooth as well as the ability to tether my PC to the phone via Bluetooth and use it as a modem. This combined with the phone's 3G abilities would obviate the need for a separate EV-DO or HSDPA PC card.

Ans : have a looks on

"7.4 Bluetooth
A high level API for Bluetooth is offered as part of the maemo connectivity subsystem.Using its D-BUS API a program can find remote Bluetooth devices such as phones,send files over OBEX object push and create pairings with remote devices. For thesetasks it’s recommended for application to use this framework as it not only has a lot simpler API but makes the applications look and behave consistently. For Bluetooth operations that aren’t supported by the maemo connectivity framework maemo includes a lower level BlueZ D-BUS API, which is also the main Bluetooth interface for all Linux systems. The BlueZ API has features for practically all aspects of Bluetooth systems, and as a consequence its a lot more complex than the higher level Maemo Connectivity subsystem’s offerings.The Maemo Connectivity Guide[41] describes the high level D-BUS API and its usage. More information about the BlueZ API can be found at BlueZ web site [3]. The maemo-example package also includes example code about both libraries.

[41] Maemo connectivity guide.

[3] Bluez project’s home page.

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