Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Voip became one of the web apps

From voip gadgets blog - A company called Innivative Systems of Communications launched flash based voip services SDK and server.

web :

From web:


Zingaya Media Server

ZMS is a platform which allows to create SIP-based VoIP services. Such services can work right in web-browser via Adobe Flash technology.

System’s main feature is that end users don’t have to download any specific software. Due to Adobe’s research data more than 90% of Internet users have Adobe Flash Player installed.

ZMS opportunities:

ZMS works via HTTP through port 80 so it has no problems with NAT and firewalls
SIP 2.0 compatibility allows to use ZMS for interference with contemporary IP-telephony systems: softphones, IP PBX (Asterisk for example), call-centers, SIP proxy servers. It gives an opportunity (for VoIP operators) to create convenient services which allow users to make calls directly from web page without downloading any specific software

ZMS works with VoIP codecs G.711 and G.729

Integration with existent infrastructure at database level allows companies to implement ZMS-based solutions quickly and easily
Horizontal scalability, large-user-number systems building opportunity
Windows and Linux compatibility

Convenient API for client applications development in FlexBuilder 2/3, Flash CS3
ZMS allows to make own non-VoIP apps for Java-based server

Client apps are cross-platform due to Adobe Flash technology which is accessible at Windows, MacOS, Linux and works with most of contemporary browsers

Looks another 2.0 Voip.
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