Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nokia and Google - The next Team

Why ? Read headlines "Nokia and Google to Offer Google Search to Nokia Customers Worldwide". I know what you are going to ask - " You read about Google's Android vs Nokia " So do they compete ?

I believe most people may think so but look close :

Nokia took Trolltech ( the home of QT and KDE ). Google is a customer of QT. now Google is a customer of Nokia.

Second : Google's core is search and not Linux or Android.
Nokia's core is handsets not Maemo.

Android is only a platform for Google to reach Mobile.
Maemo is a platform for handset.
Once Nokia helps Google for more reach then why struggle with Android or Maemo ?

The new strategy is "all non core stuff be Open source".

WOW now, we have Android = Maemo = Linux.
Google happy because search reach, Nokia Happy because they can sell more handsets and

Linux - Android or Maemo does this make difference ? its all Linux man (not core stuff for their revenue stream - look at strategy ).

So expect now more with Nokia Google Team !!

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