Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paying for the Rich - An ICBC story

Finally i am understanding - we live for the rich to take advantage of us.

Let me tell the full story

I was driving last day and my car skid and hit side of the road. I was not on high speeds or my car was not bad. But i think i was a bit fast for the climate ( it was drizzling and road became slippery ). I travel the same way for last 3 yrs and never had any problems.Why it slipped on that day ? I am not sure because i travelled on same road 8.5 hrs before. lets be back to story.

So car skid and hit the concrete barrier. Fortunately nobody got injured (yes i had my 2 year old boy in the car ) but the car got some repairs, I reported the incident to police and some towing company towed the car to ICBC.

Now the real story :
Dialed ICBC - The first made the claim and asked options. Then real understanding started. If i make a claim even its $100 its going to have subsequent insurance increase of 55% next year 45% second year and 35% third year and 4th year it will be back to my current rate. This means around $5000 extra to my budget over 3 years. I brought the car for $3500 2 years back.This means ICBC write off my car is going to give me $3500 max.

Afer i heard all maths from icbc i dialed one of my friend for a second
opanion and he revealed his story which finally end up in not claiming and fixing car himself.

Now i started thinking, what about rich ? They own cars of $35000+, a skid means $10000 min. They also pay the same insurance extra as me if they claim ( so extra $4000 ) and $6000 for free.

From where this money comes ? From mine and your insurance. Finally we pay insurance for

For making ICBC profit full
For giving free money to Rich ( last 3 yrs i paid more that $7000 as insurance to ICBC and now i have to write off my car which adds another $2000 ( after my own use deduction )

Time to think - Do we really need these systems ??


Expect another article on Carbon tax, This is another way the working class pay for rich to remodel/expand their business.
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Anonymous said...

Sorry Man ...I don't understand ur logic...I also bought my car for around $5000..But I pay insurance not if something happens to my car...bacause if it happens its only maximum $5000...but if I hit some costly car ...they are going to sue..

Unni said...
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Anonymous said...

For $3000 car it does not make sense to buy the comprehensive insurance anyway. You just need the basic liability protection to pay for third party damages. That way you cut the premium you pay ICBC to almost half. Premiums depend on the cost of your car, year etc. So I don't understand how you would be paying anyway the same as a person with a $35,000 car.