Friday, August 29, 2008

Olympics, India and the Mobile phone advertisement

I was watching the television advertisement ( i think it tata some stuff ). The theme is a girl sitting, the dialog comes "sky high ambitions , with a bit of practise ... "This time she is running near a train then she gets a mobile phone call to come to Delhi and she is selected for some thing and she gets to a bullock cart and goes.

This exactly shows the India attitude. Big ambition, less practice and going to be on track against people have only one ambition and a lot practise ( hard work ).

Finally i was reading some interview with Abhinav Bhindra " I went with my own money for Olympics ". This says for all the practise he took his own money. The second thing is " There is no magic , you need to practice from now to get a medal in 2016.

Do this mobile advertisement explains whatz wrong in India back. Ohh ya we have controversies over the dress to wear on march past.

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