Sunday, August 24, 2008

Small Car Mania

Every auto maker is trying to for small cars ( GM , Ford, Toyota, Honda ) because it has a more demand.

The reality is this demand is not going to be for a long term. But adds a new dimension for the auto making challenge (Big car with more economy ). I am sure a person who used big cars or SUVs never like to go for a small car or he wont be satisfied with a small car in a long term.

I have a neighbour who is using Toyota Yaris for last 2 years. Now she want a bit more bigger car because of the needs. Another friend of mine is also looking for a big car because he got two kids in home.

Yes, Big car solve the economy problem in a different way for work: Car pools. If car is taking 4 for work , its better in a SUV or a big car where every one is comfort ( even 2 people in big car equates 1 person in small car )

Lets wait and see till new fuel economic big vehicles hit the road.

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