Monday, October 27, 2008

GM Volt and Next killing time of Electric car

I am big fan of GM VOLT. I love it than Prius or other ones. Reason : Its all electric ( new generation begins here )

Now every body want to say they are in EV business. But back to numbers :

Gas price back to $2 Gallon, GM almost near bankrupt - Do you think they will try to sell the Hybrids and the same old mantras ? or really they deliver Volt ?

Another : Do volt going to be another North American car - yes i mean on Quality which suffer very heavily with the Asian ones. Built Quality, Durability ...

I know a lot who already had American cars and now they don't want to be part of this bandwagon. They all shifted to the other side. Now its GM duty to get those back and it cant be done saying we have quality.

Lets see how volt can bring them back ) I hear 2008 Malibu is lot better than old still they are miles away from Prius and Civics. Lest see How GM will close this gap.I am sure its not only price point


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