Monday, October 27, 2008

Why Impressive india and why not ?

Lot questions on why impressive in India


Mobile rates (phones and call rates )
It was very easy to get a connection - just 2 IDs and connection is mine ( total spending $10 with around $8 call time, free incoming and outgoing ( including on roaming at 4 cents per minute ) ??

Impressive ? In Canada, I got a fat bill (airtime charges ) from Koodo when i am back and used it for calling a toll free number.

Living standard ( special kudos to IT guys ) - IT people having US pay and Indian expenses - wow Royal Life !!.

Cars - The cars standards were impressive : Tata made a lot way -- Maruti still doing great and Swift which looked great compared to North American model. I believe North Americans should see that model and cry on how Suzuki/GM treats them.

- 4 yrs back when i was leaving India, there was some big buildings - this time they looked old and new buildings -- Great !!

TV : get 250 channels for $10 ( set top box free ). I pay big for less channels in Canada

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