Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The New Chevy Volt concept - OPEN VOLT

It looks the 25b TARP money is not coming to big 3 American Auto makers. So lets looks for an alternative idea for Chevy Volt program. The reason is once GM goes bankrupt, they cant come up with it. If they are able then i am not sure how good it will be.

Alternatives ? OPEN VOLT - Thatz a nice thought

Lets follow Linux model combined with IETF model (hybrid).

TARP/Other funding money goes to NASA or some good agency ( NASA because it can use space technology for use of men and VOLT for space exploration) . All Specifications and designs come from Central agency for the platform. Its like Linux kernel. Then any vehicle manufacturer can make Volt ( like Toyota Volt v 1.2 , Honda Volt 6 , Hyundai Volt ABC etc ). They have to follow the OPEN VOLT specifications and they can design there own body according to aerodynamics . Same with Interior etc where the specs will not be tight on and allow creativity ( this is like distributions in Linux ).

All good practices will be taken back to Central agency and will be done like IETF drafts or Jabber XEPs or Java JSRs. It will go through review and tests and the ones which qualifies comes out as specifications and gets into new version of OPEN VOLT specifications - something like RFC. As this is a proved model in computers ( the IETF and RFC ) , we can use the same concepts for OPEN VOLT.

So when we buy a VOLT get the list of specifications it follows and we have the freedom to choose vendor on core components - ex: battery, Generator, Electric Engine etc - and Specifics (non core specifications parts) from my distributor ( ex: Honda , Toyota etc ).

Put your votes on the OPEN VOLT !!
Lets write open letter to Obama as this idea is going to be saving our future and no distributor ask for money in future.

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