Saturday, December 26, 2009

My- Aero car thoughts and insperations

Seems i am using my time on vacation to draw pics :-) and getting the level of my kid. He seems to be drawing better too.

Today i was able to get a clear picture of an aero design from existing size requirements from a normal car.

Picture follows :-)

Even its easy to swap the engine space and boot space so that a RR (Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive) layout can be made from the above design. On other thoughts , Putting a hybrid power train may increase the fuel economy and EV ranges.

The basic idea is the reduce the frontal area - for CdA (mostly airfoiled frontal area and reduced the back area ) and increase/optimize the curves over top,down and sides to that they can contribute forward pull using aerodynamics. The top,sides and bottom curves seems much important as they can give resulting forward moving forces. The bottom (down part ) curve may help more to push to front and same time balance the extra down (vertical component ) of the force made by the top curve. Its also very important to optimize curves for max advantage of those parts without affecting the passenger comfort and utility space.

I took the base height, width and other ratios from a Volvo S70 (my current car which i like the space inside ) for the above model so that it can seat 5 comfortably and have enough space ( its not a small car now - its a 5 seat modern hatchback bigger than Toyota Prius).

To my wonder, Its really great to see some old models , Let me upload them also to get a pic of how people were thinking in old days.

1937 Pillsbug : CD of 0.13 6 -7 Passenger

1937 Maybach

Don't know the model info but looks EV1 was taken from this one.

1984 Chevrolet Citation IV concept


Mercedes-Benz bionic car

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