Friday, January 1, 2010

More inspirations on the way

Found a couple more inspirations

1984 Chevrolet Citation IV

Ford probe IV and V

GM Precept

Seems it now time for govt to act. They have to follow/make similar model of japan on defining a class of cars where which gets insurance and tax breaks ( like kei cars ) so that companies can come forward, make business cases and design and sell new products !!

Its not because companies has ideas to innovate but its only because govt is not allowing them to go out of the box solutions and gives opportunity to sell them them.

My ideas on the new class definition is like for a start they should come up with parameters like

Min: 80 mpg ( from regeneration and optimizations - no external alternative energy supply )
4 wheeler ( 2 - 4 seats )
should pass min crash test ratings ( ex: 3 stars for frontal, side, rollover etc )
etc etc.

For plug-in rules should be different and the standards should be moving , like 120mpg on 2015 .. and must plugin-features and safety features.

this makes more people buy commuter cars which are very effective and takes less to maintain + develops new ways to find solutions for problems apart from electrification and allows use of other technologies like aerodynamics,regenerations etc to be in practice.

For GM Precept its nice to have visit on :
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