Friday, January 14, 2011

Ideas for ICBC

New year , Gas prices up and second commuter car ? Insurance Up :-(

Thought may propose some ideas to ICBC to reduce the carbon foot print and using things efficiently.

First thing i looked at my office cars. 95% comprised of midsize cars, minivans / suv/ crossovers ,

All of them coming to office with one person on morning and one person back home. So why they need big cars - because they work for family and for family they want big cars. If they go for a 2 seater commuter car, insurance will be greater than adding extra gas on a big car.

So increase insurance cost on big vehicles ? already we pay double than US.

Another idea ?

Allow people to register multiple cars on same plate ( ex: a commuter car and a minivan), with say an increase of storage insurance cost .

Advantage : when people are going alone or only carrying one person with them, the commuter cars will be used. So normal office less cost drive , less gas, less pollution and no compromise on convenience.

Ok, so what should define a commuter car : This is a the key : Set 70 mpg (US) combined mileage for ICE , Hybrids etc. Add range extenders/EV from 60 kms EV kms (say 40 mile EV range ). No other qualifies for commuter car. Make the mpg and EV miles a moving standard , so this is for 2011 and 2012, 2013 standards will be announced nearing to that time and so on . Similarly emission restrictions, 4x4 class ( as we are a snow belt ) etc also other than mpg can be added.

This will force automakers to bring fuel efficient technologies and cars from different parts of the world as well as produce new (ex: japan - kei cars ) .

Wondering on the inputs.

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