Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome 2011

To 2011 :-)

So i was disconnected from the blog for some time but i was mostly tracking

1) Volt - GM Volt - i loved its news and was expecting an affordable commuter car ( its expensive for me now but i am sure it will come to affordability some time after )

2) Android : Kool yet another linux from Google with more focus on mobility, user experience and cross platform

2011 predictions :
1) A lot of Apad ( Android Pads ) to market

This is going to be a flood.

2) Hologarmic phones, You will be see person and talk ( those tiny pop ups in 3d ).

3) Ultra/super capacitors to market - may be this year or next year but its very close. We mostly will have battery break troughs which may make EVs cheap and fast chargeable.
I am not sure but the buzz looks graphene based stuff may do a sweep ( already they have graphene supercapacitors which stores as much energy per unit mass as nickel metal hydride batteries). so expecting it to find place in EVs

4) I think cars will changed a lot , small cars will switch to EVs and trucks to range extenders/Phevs - this is one of the big possibility. May not every one come with a prototype but i think for sure , tests will start.

5) TV - this is again going to be full internet based. The traditional cable companies are going to be looking more of home phone operations /wireless operations to provide connectivity. Even the concept of home phones are going to be less. more switching to mobile. 3D - no big sales till hologramic ones are out. Expectations on a glass using 3D is much less compared to a hologram one.

And me , will try to post at-least one post per month :-)

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