Tuesday, July 24, 2007

dual core, Quad core .... whatz next ?

Nooo not a 8 or 32 core, its time for microprocessers for the next big jump.

Researchers at Intel this week are showing off an silicon modulator that can pass 40 gigabits of data in a second, a new record that indicates that fiber-inside-computers is really coming.Intel, among others, has projected that optical components may start getting integrated into computers toward the end of the decade

after ? Bio computers made to work for man.

tailpiece :I found the reson why Hindu doctine says there are 330 million gods.

Once these Biocomputers are up ,they 'll ask the invernter "many masters we have ?". The Inventer 'll go to

and say the current no: of masters for them is the total no: of mankind as no: of gods.
The Hindu docrine was set up when gods made their bio robots and the total god population was 330 million

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