Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sip Trunking

Last days i was reading about sip trunking, Very sad to say a lot of people hype on this but not body points to a standard.


there are a lot people even claim "global sip trunking leader". Just wondering, if there is any standard existing then how they are going to have people interoperate.

Finally i understood the problem in another way. Sip was intended to use on a different paradigm and people try to fit it in the IP PBX TRUNK paradigm.

ex: Provider runs one proxy server and gives 10 users for the PBX, and its doesn't allow the PBX users to directly access the provides sip server.

I am still not sure which is the standard they follow :

Sad to say no sip trunking providers say this is the standard they follow :-(
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Tailpiece: lets may hay while sun shines, who cares on a standard, we need only buzzwords.

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Daizy Joshi said...

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