Friday, July 27, 2007

Meebo - last year's most grown IM

Was reading research report : meebo is the last year's most grown network ( i am not sure how correct it is as PR can make research reports ).

The first thing i did was going to ,

Nice Gui, allowing me to login to a lot IM services without any registration to meebo and no software to install ( the all AJAX game )

My comments :=============
Impressed ? yep a bit, not on the technology, on the GUI

Why not on technology ? Because i one time worked on a gaim kind of project and we took all the reverse engineered libs and made applications except for googletalk ( google talk is XMPP ). So if we make a full application with the reverse eng: libs we dont have any control and its a pain in the neck when feature changes.

How to realize it with open software ?=======================================WOW you can do that.

Install ejabberd server ( ), take compnents from

Install the required Gateway components and run.

Install and configure for ejabberd. Look for details.

WOW with some installations and configs, your multi IM service is UP and running.

Now Job begins : GUI changes and customizations.
thatz a big job and meebo has done a very decent work on it. Way to go !!

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