Monday, January 11, 2010

ecomodder + kits idea

Couple of good one men shows before corporates chip in. Corporates still have a problem in thinking out of the box because they can't make money but couple of people don't worry on loosing the money.

The below video requires a bit of appreciation as i see its a good effort.

Lets congratulate them :-)

Boat tails, Wheel skirts and more. I think its a nice idea to have aero kits from the corporate itself and they can make money making designs and offer aero kits so that interested can purchase ( safe game still room for imporvement ).

example its a nice imagination for a 2010 Equinox to come with

1) Optional Front aero kit
2) Optional Aero tail kit
3) Optional wheel skirts

and these kits should be on order production and dealer fitted. They should be configurable on a dealer order or a internet configuration wizard.

This can be a better fit for small cars/crossovers also ( like expected orlando ).

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