Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Foldable displays and Perzonal zones for car

I was going through the GMC granite design and found its nice to have 2 more additions

1) Fold-able displays for back seat.

Example is 2 display screens which are fold-able on on the sides of storage space between the front seats. This will help to have person sitting on back to have there on display screens and it does not harm when the seats are folded to cargo purposes. The backside of the storage space can have interfaces for the devices to connect ( ex: HDMI ) and power outlets

At some time when a big screen is need the screens can be place in a way so that they will act as a single screen which allows people to watch big screen stuff.

A more details explination of the concepts is at http://yankandpaste.blogspot.com/2010/01/foldable-display-concept-explained.html

Personal Zone concept :

This concept is an extension of the dual zone. With this concept all 4 seats in a car get one personal zone each. A personal zone consists of a multi touch display, and HDMI port to connect , A smart phone connector , a Bluetooth connection to a head set, HVOC controls ( software ) and setting etc. The car can have 2 personal zones at back and this can be extended to one front seat also without personal display ( he can use the centre console and share with driver as a display can distract the driver ). Other than the display all other comforts can be extended to the front seats. So every one can listen to the music they want and use the apps they like and have the HVOC setting they want without disturbing the other. Same time they should be able to use
the display as one and can watch/ use bigs creen. From every zone the people should be able to access the installed apps and control HVOC and other comforts.

Technically this is very feasible as new operating systems like Android/linux find place in the car systems.

I would like to keep the rights of personal zone idea ;-) as i didn't find this in any concepts/cars.

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