Thursday, January 14, 2010

The foldable display concept explained

Thought i will explain a bit more on the fold able display concept with couple more pictures.
The display concept consists of a display gloves, extender stem (fold able ) and the display

The fold able display consists is stored at the display glove which is between the front seats when the display is not used or the back seats are folded. This keeps the display safe when you are carrying stiff with seats folded.

when you need them, they need to take out and moved to a position comfortable for the user. once done the user can move the display back to the glove.

When combining with the personal zone concept, the display can be used in below modes.

1) Folded/not in use
2) Unfolded independent
3) Unfolded Combined mode H
4) Unfolded Combined mode U
5) Unfolded Combined mode E
6) Unfolded Combined mode I

H means Horizontal combined
U means UP down combined
E means Extended screen mode
I means Independent screen mode

A picture do better than 1000 words ( true ? Pic follows ). Click on the picture to see details.

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