Thursday, May 31, 2007

Case in First life for Second Life Poperty

A property case against Second Life publisher Linden Lab filed in a Pennsylvania court will not be dismissed, a judge ruled Wednesday,according to Valleywag.

The case, which was filed May 1, 2006 by Pennsylvania attorney MarkBragg, alleged that Linden Lab had illegitimately taken away the itemsin Bragg's account and banned him after he used a cheat to build up his in-world inventory of virtual items, in the process amassing severalthousand dollars' worth of assets.

Now, Valleywag reports, the court has denied LindenLab's request to dismiss the case, as well as its request to remove thecase to arbitration.

Many people are watching this case closely, because it represents thefirst virtual world property dispute to make it this far in a legalproceeding. If the eventual result is a ruling that Linden Lab has togive back the property, valued at around $8,000, it could have majorimplications for Linden Lab and makers of online games like World ofWarcraft and many others.

Tail Piece : Man never changes, he will cheat, sue etc for money in any life.

Linden Lab allows people to convert the Linden $ to real USD. So cheat and build at second life, convert money to real life or sue in real life( if caught )

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