Monday, May 28, 2007

A kid poem

The below peom is for kids ( effective for kids from 6 months and after - they 'll laugh well )

കാക്ക ചിരിചു കാ കാ കാ
പുച്ച ചിരിചു മ്യാ മ്യാ മ്യാ
പട്ടി ചിരിചു ബൌ ബൌ ബൌ

മക്രു ചിരിചു ഹി ഹി ഹി

Transilation :

crow smiles ka ka ka
cat smiles myau myau myau
dog smiles bow bow bow

macru smiles hi hi hi

Theory :

Your Baby on 5-Month-Old: Week 4

Baby sleep: The Sears method

How your baby's growing

Your baby now sees and hears the world almost as well as you do. Her communication skills are expanding rapidly, too, as evidenced by her squeals, bubbling sounds, and operatic octave changes. Her sounds can demonstrate her attitude or response to objects — such as happiness, eagerness, or even satisfaction — with a problem well solved.

At this age, about half of babies babble, repeating one syllable — such as "ba," "ma," "ga," or other consonant-vowel combinations — over and over. A few will even add another syllable or two, making their sounds more complex.

You can encourage your baby by babbling right back at her and by making a game of it ("The sheep says, 'baaa,'" or "The goat says, 'maaa'"). Or, when you hear a syllable you can't identify, just respond enthusiastically with, "Yes, that is a car! See how shiny the red paint is?" Your baby will appreciate your encouraging her by keeping the conversation going.

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