Wednesday, May 30, 2007


There are some people to whom I cannot say No. And, there are a few things that are too tempting to refuse. Unni is one of those people. And, an invitation to write, one of those things. So, here I'm, writing for YankandPaste.

Now the big question comes, on what? Politics and social issues? Unni jumps in to say, hey, no agenda in the writings, please. He doesn't want this blog to be coloured in any hues of red, he says. I don't like saffron, I retort. Then, he comes back...who is talking about saffron? Let's do the VIBGYOR magic, we decide. The rainbow blog. After all, we are all chasing the rainbow.

Feel free to share your thoughts, your views on the posts. We may not necessarily agree on everything, but we can always agree to disagree and yes, I think, that is the spirit we all share.

So here you go: Reflections!

happy reading :)

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