Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Second life and social networking

Was trying for last couple of days. Its a nice, to get more stable environment. I can understand a 565 messages system will take time to mature ( think the 5 message system such as SIP is still maturing after 10 years as emerging/cutting edge technology).

I was very impressed with the server clustering they had but not satisfied with the client because it goes crash or not responsive lot times.Still i tried for a couple of days.

Opinion :

Nice for bloggers to exaggerate the world they see. its good for business man to do business. finally i got the question

What is for the user ?

A second life to explore ?

I believe its boring till you make a social life in second life. May be its a nice idea to link the orcut kind of environment with second life. I can sit with my friends at places where like our old school or our village talking each other realizing the things we cant do now.

Yep : Miles to go before i sleep ....

A crash free second life and social network.I don't know when i 'll get time to sleep in my first life.


Q) when dinosaurs lived ?
Answer : between 10 and 11 years before

Theory : Sip is emerging technology and H323 is pre-Jurassic technology. sip came 10 yrs back and H323 11 years back, so dinosaurs lived between 10 and 11 years before ( this is as per sip experts ).

SIP : session initiation protocol.

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