Thursday, May 31, 2007

Google Gears Up To Take On Microsoft, Google Announcement Today

Google Gears up to take on the monolithic Microsoft this week. Google will announce the "Google Gears" initiative today that will expand its applications beyond that of the web and challenge Microsoft on its own property, the computer hard-drive. The mammoth internet company is launching Google Gears, an open-source technology for creating offline web applications.

A key differentiator of Microsoft applications is that they can be used without an internet connection. They are launched from the computer's hard drive and files created can be stored and accessed on that drive, reports The Financial Times Online.

Google Gears will enable its own applications to have Microsoft-like capabilities. What does that mean? Microsoft applications can be used without an internet connection and they are launched from the PC's hard drive and files created can be stored and accessed on that drive.
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Sandeep said...

This is absoulte folly on part of google. google is great but doesnt it or all other anti microsoft companies have other work to do ? why this feeling of anti microsoft. Can any company do what MS has done in last 20 year ? Can google create an operating system like XP which is usable by most people. They probably will but this is cheap strategies. where are their originality. I am linux guy and support open source but you cant take away from microsoft what they have done by hook or by crook.

Ananth said...

Okey. Thats good to look at Google Gears strategy as Business competitive move, whether thats the only and real focus by Google himself or not :)

Lets look at this as an Energetic plan and move of an upcoming, revolutionary corporate - GOOGLE INC., in the fast moving Internet services World. !!

I agree MS is Great and nothing can stand before them, as of now or forever?
But, lets cheer up this GOOGLE like corporates strike on this fast growing Internet world and allow them up to service us better, the ultimate Internet using people. :-)

Unni said...

Its all about time and the level of logic we think. Reason: if you think web as a platform google is the king, OS its microsoft.

This move more looks like years back micosoft gave office free for 5 yrs for lot govt offices to capture the market. Once they did it, they collected the money and made office addicts, history repeats with google ( now google took microsoft shoes and microsoft got the IBM shoes )